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Blog – how to make it good?


With the right stories, companies in an internal blog can quickly bridge the gap between departments and improve the exchange among colleagues. But with the topic selection it is not done. A great hurdle is the selection of the appropriate digital tools.

Long range, direct feedback, personal proximity: internal blogs can enrich internal communication. A key success factor – in addition to the content – is an easy-to-use blog platform.
What system for an internal blog?

One of our customers wanted to distribute video blogs and texts via an internal platform to as many employees as possible. The maintenance of the platform should be possible without IT specialist knowledge and lengthy training.

Success criteria for an internal blog are the clear and chronological presentation of topics, the good readability of text and an intuitive user interface for authors and readers. Additional push messages can motivate employees to participate regularly.

The online services offers exactly the functions necessary for the successful implementation of an internal blog and – most importantly – not one more. The setup is simple and fast, the cost is low compared to other solutions.

Videos can be integrated into a blog post and then sent via e-mail notification to registered users. By clicking on the link in the e-mail, employees are automatically logged into blogs. This increases the access rate. In addition, you can link Blogin to the corporate messenger service Slack.

A long instruction or even a training is not necessary. All processes are self-explanatory and integrated into the system.

In addition, blogs provide quick and easy feedback loops for users and authors. Detailed analytics data provide the editorial staff with tips for the future topic, so that the content can be continuously developed further. This encourages the motivation of writers and readers.

The one-time expenditure on the system change is justified by the long-term better working result. Already in the first days after the start of the platform, the access numbers were above expectations.

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