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Create a corporate blog on your own homepage

corporate blogging

The company blog does not have a separate address here, but is embedded in the company homepage, possibly even on the homepage. Entrepreneurs, whose homepage was created anyway with a blog software like WordPress (with newer sides is often the case), can relatively easily a blog incorporate. For older static pages that consist of invisible tables, it is more difficult.

Advantages: A blog on the homepage is regarded as modern. Search engines prefer websites with up-to-date content. Thus, the results of Google and Co. are pushed upwards.

Disadvantages: Whether the homepage is built statically or with modern technology – with blog it becomes different. Hardly an entrepreneur will get this without an external web pro.

Suitable for: bosses who modernize their homepage anyway. Whoever is already there, can also begin with blogging.

Corporate blog set up on a separate domain

Many entrepreneurs have their homepage run via providers such as Strato or 1 & 1 or One.com. According to the same principle, they can also set up a separate blog page. Then the blog has its own individual Internet address (domain). Some web hosts have pre-installed blog software like WordPress, others have to upload it to the webspace. Afterwards the service runs similar to the Internet services for blogs.

Advantages: The blog can in any case get its own Internet address. The internet is full of design templates and plugins with additional features. Many of them are free.

Disadvantages: The technical effort is significantly higher than with a bloghosting service. Entrepreneurs need to take care of the software themselves, even to get updates.

Suitable for: bosses who want to design their blog very individually. You need to know about technology or to engage someone.