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Implementation, certification, and strategic plan for ISO 27001

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Successful companies know that information is actually the most difficult, and at the same time, most important asset to protect. With data piling up on an everyday basis and information presented in many different forms, there is no way that you can keep it safe without proper tools. One of those helpful tools that now more and more companies tend to go for is an information security management system that is compliant with ISO 27001 standards. How does the implementation of such system go and what do you need to do to make it successful?

ISO 27001 – implementation and certification

Getting certified for your ISO 27001 compliance is one of the best strategies that a company can adapt. A formal confirmation of all the good practices that your company follows in order to keep all the information safe is a great bargaining chip for your clients as well as your competition. The company benefits from it both financially and structurally – employees that have a standard to work towards are always more engaged in their work and with clear ISO 27001 implementation process followed by proper training courses, they know why they should do things one way and not the other.

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The implementation process for a new ISMS is not as easy as it might seem like. You must remember that it is not about changing the dynamics of the company completely – new ISMS must be adapted in such a way that it doesn’t suddenly change the character of your company and instead of improving its ways, it changes completely.

How to create a project plan for ISO 27001 implementation?

Implementation needs a plan, a well-structured plan that will not cause chaos in the company and will allow it to still function properly during the process. There are many ready-made packs of documentation tools and tutorials on how to make the roadmap for ISO implementation, but there are also companies that can help you go through this very important time. Using their knowledge every step of the ISO implementation process gives you the sense of control over the process and helps to keep an open mind about all the changes. Some managers make the decision of implementing a new ISMS without discussing it with other managers or the employees and that is one of the biggest mistakes – most failures in the ISO implementation history are due to lack of knowledge and engagement from the people who should be the most important part of the process.

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