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How to plan and design a kitchen extension

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Extending out your kitchen and making it a much bigger, spacious and practical space is one of the dreams that at some point comes up to a lot of people’s minds. Most older houses are designed in a way that doesn’t put that much focus onto the kitchen while today most people prefer to have some open space, an island in the middle, modern appliances that would exceed anyone’s expectations back in the day and preferably a lot of natural light to go with it all. There’s no easy way to go about it – extending your kitchen will probably be quite expensive. How to plan and design a kitchen extension that will make you happy and won’t make you go bankrupt?

Decide what you need and how practical it is

Although the modern trend is to go very practical and make the kitchen the heart of the whole house, it’s not really wise to make it as big as possible and pay extra for space that won’t be used. Remember, even extensions are best in moderation and how you plan it depends mostly on how you plan to use it. See what you already have and think how you can incorporate that into the new project.

Think about how much storage space you need (the more the better) and how much free space will be necessary. An island in the middle of the kitchen is another option that most people opt for nowadays. Think how much you can actually extend and if the garden is right behind the kitchen, how much light you want to go directly in. The logistics must be all planned and prepared before you even move to the actual design stage.

Think modern and timeless

Current trends are possibly one of the best to go for when it comes to the kitchen. Everyone thinks practical, minimalistic and modern, which is what is both one of the safest and the bravest options at the same time. It’s worth thinking about how the kitchen might be like in the next years, but also how do you feel about it right now.

If you go for classic, sliding doors in the back, minimalistic design on the counters and put practicality over anything, you should be good. While designing and planning, figure out your budget and find the contractor that you feel a good connection with – don’t let them tell you things can’t be done, but remember they are more experienced in the field and can have some quality advice.


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