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Salaries for doctors in Scandinavia

Salaries for doctors

Doctors may not have chosen their medical path just because of the high payrolls at the end of each month. It is true, however, that they can make a lot of money for what they do and rightfully so. After all, they help save lives. Some countries are willing to pay their doctors much more money than others and it’s all due to current healthcare systems in those countries.

Many doctors decide to look for jobs in Scandinavia and the money is one of the main factors here. Scandinavian doctors make a lot of money. Here’s how much you can get by moving to work in their healthcare system.



General Practitioners are the first contact a patient makes when they need a medical opinion. Most countries pay their GPs much less than their specialists. Yes, being an expert in a certain area makes you a valuable addition to the system, but local GPs are as important as some of the best specialists!

That’s why in Denmark they earn more than their specialised colleagues. It can be anything up to a $109, 000 per year. Same pay rates can be seen in other Scandinavian countries. It may seem mad to many people, but Scandinavian countries take good care of their doctors so they are able to take good care of people in return.

Additionally to their regular payment, GPs can count on bonuses and additional cash for doing extra working hours. After all, their normal work week is only 40 hours – an occurrence rare in other European countries.



Being an expert in a particular field makes for a good point to get paid huge sums of money.

In Scandinavian countries doctors specialising in certain faculties, be it oncology, radiology etc. get paid around $100,000 per year.

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It’s a lot of money and it gives means to have a decent life with your family. Specialists, same as their GP colleagues can take extra shifts for which they are paid more. All in all, the salary depends on the hospital and the need they have for a certain specialist.

It’s worth remembering though that Scandinavian Healthcare System is highly developed and they’re aiming to not have too many patients being taken care of by one doctor. That means there’s a lot of job offers out there and they are ones worth keeping an eye out for.

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